Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dhamma in the Forest by Ajahn Cagino

Ajahn Cagino of Wat Pah Nanachat will take you through his challenges no less than 4000km through dense forest in search of the Dhamma. Along the journey Dhammagiri Foundation was founded to helped the children and the community of the remote and poverty stricken Hills tribe people.


  1. I'm writing from singapore. I had the chance to view an exhibition ofphotographs taken by Ajahn Cajino. There I also came across some info on the Dhammagiri Foundation in Mae Hong San. Some telephone unmbers were given but none was answered. Anyway I sent a donation of S$3000 by telegraphic transfer to the bank account given in May. I would like to make an annual donation but unless I know doe sure that the money has gone to the right place, I will be hesitant to do so. Is there a way to ensure an acknowlegement of donations?
    Hoping for an answer to my query soon.
    Zhang Chen

    1. Dear Zhang Chen
      Please to inform you that we have forwared your message to Crystal Lau ( sister to Ajahn Cagino ) and Mr Lim Chung Lu ( Assistant to Ajahn Cagino).
      Ajahn Cagino bought the land with the first fund raising and now the money will go to building the orphanage. Your kind contribution goes to making a difference in their life. Maha Sadhu

      Crystal Lau - Chung Lu Lim -